General installation instructions for heat shrink products

Always select the largest size of tubing that will still fit snugly after shrinking,

accroding to the shrink ratio of the product being used. For example, for a 2:1 product, select approximately twice the diameter. Cut the tubing to the exact length required(ie, no shrinkage in length) with a clean, square cut to avoid splitting. 


Position tubing over object and heat evenly until tubing shrinks into place or will shrink no further. 

Products containing pre-installed adhesive may need extra heat to melt and flow the adhesive for propper  application.


Keep the heat source or product moving, so the heat is not concentrated in one spot. Keepp the heat source at least one inch away from tubing, using a low-intensity source such as a hot air gun, oven, infrared heat source or soft(yellow) flame.