What are the characteristics of heat shrinkable tubes for automotive wiring harness

1. High temperature resistance 150 鈩? 175 ° C. Three levels at 200 鈩傸/p>

2. Oil resistance, strong corrosion resistance and strong insulation

3. wear-resistant, thicker than the wall of ordinary heat shrinkable tube

4. with low melting point, waterproof sealing and mechanical strain buffering performance

5. four times or higher multiple shrinkage, double-layer structure, built-in hot melt adhesive, waterproof, moisture-proof, anti-vibration dislocation

6. the thicker hot melt adhesive layer has excellent sealing performance, effectively resists the immersion of fluids and moisture. 

7. higher mechanical properties and wear resistance, to perform stress relief and Excellent protection against wear

8. The operating temperature ranges from -40 鈩 to 135 鈩? and the applicable temperature range is wider (initial shrinkage temperature: 110 鈩? complete shrinkage temperature: 135 鈩?